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Sweetfield Manor, a historic designated colonial building, was constructed at the beginning of the 20th Century for one of the early merchant families in Barbados. In keeping with the colonial nature of the buildings built in Barbados during this period, extensive limestone and pine woods were used in its construction. These materials and construction techniques are visible today and tell the wonderful history of this period home. Sweetfield Manor recently completed extensive restoration and renovation and has now been restored and modernized into a unique boutique hotel allowing her guests the opportunity to experience the beauty of the building, landscape and its surroundings.

Sweetfield Manor is located in the upper Garrison Historic Site (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the vibrant South part of the island. From its location on the second ridge of the island, Sweetfield Manor has spectacular views over the South Coast of Barbados with sweeping views of Carlisle Bay which once teemed with merchant ships but now provides excellent water sports and snorkelling opportunities in the underwater wrecks. Lush landscaping typical of the West Indies, and the resident peacock pride allow for peaceful outdoor walks and the opportunity to enjoy dining in the outdoors typical of the tropics.


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A Place to Stay

Upgraded guestrooms, keeping to the authentic colonial nature of the property, were designed with your comfort in mind. Our staffs’ commitment to your enjoyment brings a warm Caribbean flavour to your vacation.


Relax & Rejuvenate

The ideal place for short weekend breaks. Stay a night or two. Sleep in, then enjoy our delicious gourmet breakfast followed by a stroll in the peaceful gardens, or a soak in the lagoon pool.



Sweetfield Manor’s peaceful location, and lush gardens make this the ideal place for weddings and other romantic celebrations. Our knowledgable team have worked with many couples to create memories that last a lifetime.



Popular with guests and locals alike we are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can try Saturday brunch, Thursday platters or just our regular dining services.


Retreat Packages, exactly how you want them

Sweetfield Manor, a sanctuary for the soul.  We offer four retreat and rejuvention packages which we customise to your own requirements.  Let us know what you want and leave the rest to us – after all this is your vacation.

Peacocks at the Manor!

Sweetfield Manor is home to a pride of 50 fully grown peacocks who grace the grounds in search of food and a quiet place to rest their beautiful heads.

Male peacocks are the more attractive sex of the species with wingspans of up to five feet. For peafowl, bigger is definitely better! Peahens are believed to select their mate based on the size, colour and quality of a male’s ability to spread and display his tail feathers. Peahens are less flamboyant in colour, with little or no tails at all, giving them the ability to camouflage themselves far better in the wild and avoid predation.


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