Vacation Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You A Lot Of Money

Planning Mistakes

Imagine vacationing in a beautiful hotel in Barbados. Mmmmm…can’t you just feel the sun on hair and the gentle breeze on your face? It’s true that our beautiful eastern Caribbean island is an oft-overlooked vacation destination for those looking to escape from the rat race for a little while. We also understand that taking an international vacation isn’t a decision that most people make lightly. First you’ve got to research a vacation hotel that seems like it will fit your needs, then you have to make sure you have the budget to pay for it all.

That’s why it’s so important for people to make their vacation hotel plans carefully. Booking without thoroughly considering all of your options can often cost you lots of wasted time and money in the long run. We don’t want that to happen to you. We just want you to enjoy a marvelous vacation in our Barbados boutique hotel. To that end, we’ve put together this handy list of common mistakes people often make when booking their vacation at a luxury hotel.

Yes, You Need A Vacation…Now What?

  • Some statistics about vacations that you may find illuminating:
  • Today, the average American gets 14 vacation days, but only uses 10.
  • Only 6 million Americans took a week’s worth of vacation in 2014, out of over 150 million employed adults.
  • The stigmatization of vacation hurts the economy, and may be bad for both productivity and happiness.

Vacation deficit stats provided by

Silence that little voice in your head that keeps telling you that you can’t afford the time or money it takes to plan a vacation. YOU CAN DO IT! And more importantly, you need to do it to give yourself a break from the constant stress of work responsibilities. The trick to being able to take the Barbados vacation of your dreams (which begins and ends with a stay at a beautiful boutique hotel) is knowing how to avoid the costly mistakes that far too many Americans make.

Keep reading to learn some of the worst offenses.


Booking Your Vacation Hotel At The Wrong Time – The time and even the day that you reserve a hotel room can make all the difference when it comes to price. Booking too far in advance means that you may miss seasonal sales and promotions that are coming later in the year. Booking too close to your desired dates of travel means you could be stuck with a limited selection of hotel rooms and/or pay much more for the same reservation. The travel experts say that the best time to buy is three to six weeks before your trip.

Booking Your Plane Ticket At Night – We know. Sitting around after a long day of work is when you feel most motivated to investigate vacation plans. However, industry insiders say that most airlines release their sales and promotional specials first thing in the morning. The other airlines quickly move to match their competitors prices, meaning that mid morning tends to be the time when you’re most likely to find an attractive price. Experts say that Tuesday mornings in particular seem to be the airline’s favorite time for dropping fares.

Paying Too Much For Travel Insurance – We understand. You’re planning a pricey vacation, the last thing you want to do is lose money on the off chance that something goes wrong, delaying your travel to Barbados. Travel insurance sounds like the perfect solution, but don’t sign on the dotted line too quickly.

“Many credit cards offer trip, travel, and rental car insurance as part of their cardholder agreements, as long as you purchase with the card in question. Therefore, if you agree to even more insurance, you’re wasting money – and may potentially void better coverage through your credit card provider,” explains Money Crashers.

Buying An “All Inclusive” Package – We know that all-inclusive packages are tempting. After all, it’s fewer moving pieces to keep track of. But these packages don’t always net you the savings that you hope they will. Sometimes, taking the time to research the best deals for airfare, transportation, and your vacation hotel is the only way to be sure you’re getting the lowest prices.

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