What Could Be More Romantic Than Barbados For Valentine’s Day?


Is there a wanderlust sticker on your car? Do you enjoy nothing more than sitting up at night with your significant other, talking about all the exotic vacations you’d like to take together? Although it’s fun to plan vacations together, there’s nothing more adventurous than planning a surprise vacation to a romantic hotel. On Valentine’s Day. As a surprise.

Sweetfield Manor in the Barbados is one of the most romantic hotels on the entire island. When you stay here, we spare no luxury to make your experience complete. We have multiple types of rooms to fit every budget (or lack thereof) and each and every one provides spectacular view of our Caribbean paradise.

Sweep Your Sweetheart Off Their Feet In Our Romantic Hotel

If your sweetheart loves traveling (and surprises!) as much as you do, they’re going to be absolutely floored when they realize that you’ve planned a Valentine’s Day getaway to our romantic boutique hotel. It will positively sweep him or her off their feet, and allow you to create memories together that won’t soon be forgotten.

The key to pulling off this entire romantic endeavor is preserving the element of surprise as long a possible, and that’s where this post from the Sweetfield Manor vacation experts comes in. We’ve been party to more than a few surprise Valentine’s Day getaways, and we have all the tips and tricks you’ll need to keep it uber romantic.

Romantic Hotel

How To Plan A Surprise Getaway To Our Romantic Hotel

  1. Scheduling – The most important element of planning a surprise Valentine’s Day vacation is the scheduling. This means figuring out if your significant other can actually be out of town over the most romantic holiday of all time. You might have to talk to their boss, coworker, or assistant to find out, and perhaps even request vacation days on their behalf. JUST DON’T GET CAUGHT!
  2. Sneakiness – Normally, we’d never tell you to sneak around behind your significant other’s back, but for this romantic hotel vacation in Barbados, we’ll make an exception. This means you’ll have to be very careful when you’re booking your boutique hotel and plane tickets. Don’t use a joint credit card account. Don’t leave confirmation emails where they can be seen. Don’t redeem frequent flyer miles if they have access to the account.
  3. Sexiness – Whether you’ve been together 5 months or 5 years, it’s fair to say that your partner still like feeling loved and romanced. This means that if you have the opportunity to go all out with the sexiness of your boutique hotel room, you should do it. Here at Sweetfield Manor, we recommend one of our three (yes, just three!) beautifully maintained Plantation rooms located in the original house.Coral stone walls and old pine floors set the stage for gracious living quarters your significant other will fall in love with.
  4. Be Suggestive – Once you’ve successfully booked your plane ticket and romantic room at our Barbados boutique hotel, it’s time for the fun to begin. If your significant other asks what you’d like to do to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, drop a hint that’s suggestive, but doesn’t reveal too much. Tell them that you’re bored with all the local restaurants, and want to experience something more exotic. Mention–repeatedly–how long it’s been since you’ve been to the beach. Ask if they’d like to go shopping for bathing suits. That sort of thing.
  5. Soak In The Romance – Finally, the day will come when all is revealed. This typically happens right when you greet them at the front door with two packed suitcases. During the Lyft ride to the airport, you can explain everything if you want. Or you can keep them in suspense by telling them the final destination but not revealing any details about the boutique hotel to which you’re headed. Either way, once you’re here, there will be nothing more to do except for soak in the romance and pat yourself on the back for a surprise well planned.

Get Started By Booking Your Romantic Hotel Room Today!

Ready to get your super-secret Valentine’s Day plans underway? It all starts with a call or email to Sweetfield Manor in Barbados. Unlike the crowded resorts, our small boutique hotel delivers high-class amenities without all of the hustle and bustle. Contact us today!

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