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Breakfast at Sweetfield Manor is, and always has been, an amazing affair. A quick read of any of the reviews on the on line platforms will usually mention the wonderful breakfasts fit for you, our royal guests!

“And then there’s the breakfast. This is no egg, toast and off you go. it’s three courses. Faves are prosciutto-wrapped eggs, yogurt martinis, grilled pineapple, and lemon ricotta pancakes. These people can cook”

So why are the breakfasts at our luxury boutique hotel so amazing? Perhaps it is the ambience; you could easily stay our luxury hotel for two weeks and never eat in the same location. Today breakfast is served by the Koi pond with the sound of the moving water and the sunbeams trying to pierce through the Amazon Rainforest Purple Heart wooden pergola. Tomorrow, it is served in the Courtyard with its lush tropical vegetation under a canopy of ancient Mahogany trees. While you dine, the curious peacocks patiently wait to see if they will be treated with some breakfast fare as well. Maybe breakfast is simply on one of the grassy areas with lush vegetation or in the outer covered veranda of the manor with the trunk of a 100+ year old Mahogany tree as your table. Wherever breakfast is served, it is unique and quaint and an experience in itself.

Our chefs are truly talented and passionate about serving up the most delicious fare we have to offer. Both have a personality that can charm the bark off a tree and a flare for presentation that simply wows you. it is not unusual to see phones and cameras come out as breakfast is presented. The initial comments are usually “ooh,” “ahh,” and “WAIT! DON’T TOUCH IT – LET ME GET A PICTURE!

Breakfast at Sweetfield Manor is unforgettable because nothing is missing from the stage. The service is genuine, the people are truly warm, and the ambience is amazing. Nature’s music stirs our senses with the visual presentation and the scent of the food all registering simultaneously.  The taste, the wonderful taste, combined with the wonderful company makes you feel alive and privileged. If you could just sit back and disengage for a moment. you will smile from your heart as you realize that this is one of those moments that takes your breath away.

Lunch and Dinner

Although not included, resident guests can ALWAYS order Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Meals are freshly prepared by our in-house chefs using the fresh and wherever possible local ingredients. We are also happy to put together tasty and nutritious picnic baskets for you if you wish.

Throughout December, our most busy period, the restaurant serves delicious lunches to guests and non-resident visitors alike. If you are not staying with us please book to avoid disappointment.  At other times during the year, we can recommend other places to eat whether it be high-end foodie restaurants, or down-to-earth favourites frequented by the locals. Why not try some local delicacies while you are in Barbados? Whatever you fancy you can find it in here. Barbados boasts a varied range of cuisines to suit all budgets and tastes. Just ask.

Our head chef has cooked for many celebrities on their visits to Barbados, he is passionate about all things food … “food is but the kiss in the romance; it’s fabulous, essential, amazing, and it leaves you wanting more. Without the beauty, the song, the music the dance- what is the kiss? “

Catering for Weddings and Other Special Events

We also organise catering for your corporate events, weddings, and any other celebrations which you may be planning.

Catering is all done in-house by our chef, and his amazing team. They are fantastic and detail oriented. Their exquisite dishes often garner high praise from our guests and have become that other ‘thing’ that makes Sweetfield Manor unique, and wonderful in so many ways. You will never forget your event, the food, or this venue.


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