The Many Reasons You Should Go On Vacation This Summer

Many Reasons for Vacation

Chances are, you know at least a handful of people who are constantly listing off reasons as to why they cannot take a vacation. Whether it’s work or family obligations that are keeping them from taking time off, they simply cannot make time to escape their many responsibilities. If you are one of these people, we’re here to tell you … Read More

5 Things You & Your Honey Should Do While In Barbados

So you’ve made your reservation at Sweetfield Manor and have begun to daydream about sunny Barbados each day as soon as you arrive at your job. While your fantasies may just be you and your sweetheart spending your days on the beach or a balcony, there are plenty of different places that we often recommend our guests visit to keep … Read More

Vacation Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You A Lot Of Money

Planning Mistakes

Imagine vacationing in a beautiful hotel in Barbados. Mmmmm…can’t you just feel the sun on hair and the gentle breeze on your face? It’s true that our beautiful eastern Caribbean island is an oft-overlooked vacation destination for those looking to escape from the rat race for a little while. We also understand that taking an international vacation isn’t a decision … Read More

Vacation Adventures in Barbados

The Sweetfield Manor is a historic plantation house turned charming hotel. We tucked away among the tropical trees with a breathtaking view overlooking the South Coast of the Barbados. After you have booked your stay with us, be sure to explore our top five vacation activities.   Visit the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation house- This historical attraction is located in the … Read More